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Change — The Shrinking Man Project


Episode 32 – I love it when a Plan comes Together

by The Shrinking Man July 30, 2011 Check In

It seems like this summer, while fun, has made it difficult to get the podcasts out as quickly as I’d like. But, tardy as it may be, we’re back with a full week of exercise! And a few other things have been happening. This week’s promo is Paul E. Cooley’s Garaaga’s Children. Enjoy the show. […]


Episode 31 – Moisturize Me! – Part 1

by The Shrinking Man July 22, 2011 Check In

Trying to keep things on time and on schedule this week. Sure to be a challenge. Didn’t do as well as I’d hoped when I recorded this. But I am back this week, and Philosophy is back, too! I bet you can just guess the subject. This week our promo is for Hugh O’Donnell’s The Way […]


Episode 17 – Take Your Time

by The Shrinking Man April 13, 2011 Check In

This last week wasn’t bad… it just seemed like nothing quite worked out the way I expected. Yes, that’s the way things usually work out in the world, it’s just that this week there seemed to be more of it than usual. I survived, and I live to podcast another day. And of course, no […]


Episode 16 – The Yo-Yo Effect

by The Shrinking Man April 7, 2011 Check In

Wow. What a week! Some exciting Balticon news came out this week. I hope you will be able to be there this Memorial Day Weekend! This week’s we are featuring a promo for Katarina Maimer’s new podcast novel, Wiener Blut. Literally, this translates as “Viennese blood”. It is a story set in the coffee culture […]


Episode 15 – Declaring Victory

by The Shrinking Man April 1, 2011 Check In

I am back with another check in. I hope everyone enjoyed last week’s Philosophy episode, long and rambly as it was. I shall try to keep things on the short side this week. This week’s we are featuring a promo for Brand Gamblin’s new podcast novel, The Hidden Institute. This is an excellent steampunk tale […]


Episode 14 – The Hijack Highway

by The Shrinking Man March 25, 2011 Check In

Welcome back, folks. We’re finally back to Philosophy this week. This week we are looking at The Hijack Highway, and what it is that makes you react instead of think. Usually with results you really wanted to avoid. This week we are featuring a new promo for Nutty Bites! Have you been listening? Enjoy the […]


Episode 12 – Reboot

by The Shrinking Man March 9, 2011 Check In

This week we’re starting over. Trying to get back to the beginning and set out on the right foot, bringing things in one by one as I can. The hospital saga has been left behind, I’m feeling better, but I can’t just drop back into the same old routine. So it is back to the […]


Episode 10 – Changes

by The Shrinking Man February 21, 2011 Check In

Greetings, friends! Back with another check in, but worry not! Philosophy cannot be far behind. There is no Promo this week, but I just had a column published in Issue 4 of Flying Island Press’s magazine Flagship. It is a paid online magazine, but I encourage folks to check it out. Not just for my […]