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I’m Doc Coleman, and I am the Shrinking Man. I created The Shrinking Man Project to help people find their own solutions for weight loss and other kinds of life change. I’m doing that by discussing my personal journey of weight loss, the things I have learned along the way, and the ways that people sabotage themselves. I also give suggestions for avoiding these common pitfalls, and strategies for finding your own way through the minefield of change. This podcast is about casting off the guilt and building small successes that give you the tools and confidence to meet your goals.

I am not any kind of diet expert. I am just a guy who is trying to get his weight down to a manageable level and improve his quality of life. So far I’ve lost over 120 pounds by following the ideas I’ve set forth here. These are my results, and hopefully something here will help you create better results for yourself. There are plenty of diet experts out there, and plenty of folks who claim to be experts. You’ve got to decide for yourself whose advice you can trust and what will work for you.

I’m not going to tell you what you need to do to lose weight. The Shrinking Man Project is about getting your head straight so that you can figure out what will work best for your situation and environment. I believe that if you can work out the mental part of it, the physical solution will come.

At the end of the day, I hope that you find the podcast entertaining and inspirational.

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