June 2011

Episode 28 – Summertime

by The Shrinking Man June 30, 2011 Check In

My voice seems to be back, so I’ve got a big week of voice work ahead of me as I try to catch up. But first, time for me to do up another check in for you. This week’s promo is for the Last Guardians, a new fantasy story by Jim Perry, aka Indiana Jim. […]


Episode 27 – A time to Rest

by The Shrinking Man June 23, 2011 Check In

It looks like I am back to health again. Still a slight tickle in the back of my throat, but most of the time my voice is my own. I’ve had a restful rest week, and now it is time to get back into the swing of things! This week’s promo is for the Caught […]


Special Episode 1 – Exercise and Creativity

by The Shrinking Man June 21, 2011 Philosophy

This Special Episode is the Philosophy section for this week. Here we are re-visiting the theme of Exercise and Creativity with Val Griswold-Ford and Tee Morris. This recording is to help replace the one we lost from the live show at Balticon. This is a long one, but there is lots of good discussion in […]


I Believe in You

by The Shrinking Man June 17, 2011 Podcast

A friend of mine came across this video and shared it with me. I found it to be a wonderful affirmation and full of excellent advice for anyone who has something in their life that they are struggling with. I wrote to the girl who created the video, and she gave me permission to share […]


Episode 26 – Six Months

by The Shrinking Man June 16, 2011 Check In

I am feeling much better this week, thanks to a small application on modern medicine. My voice is still a little off, but the rest is starting to get back on track. This week’s promo is for the I Should Be Writing Podcast. This is a great resource for writers, and wanna be writers out […]


Episode 25 – Sick

by The Shrinking Man June 10, 2011 Check In

Balticon was great! But the aftermath just wiped me out. I spent last week sick in bed, and it had some pretty predictable results. This week’s promo is for the Flash Pulp Podcast. And a choice of Armageddon. Enjoy the show. See you next week! Show notes included below.


Episode 24 – Balticon Almost Live

by The Shrinking Man June 3, 2011 Check In

This week we have the audio from Balticon, which unfortunately isn’t complete. A power failure in the middle of the podcast cut the audio short, but here is what we managed to get recorded, plus my check-in for this week. In a few weeks, I’ll get back in touch with Val and Tee and we’ll […]