I have not podfaded!

by The Shrinking Man January 13, 2012 Podcast

An extremely rare blog post here today. Just wanted to let folks know that the next episode is in the works. I actually recorded Episode 39 between Christmas and New Year’s day, but there has been a hold up in the editing step. My lovely wife, Kee, does my audio editing, but she has been […]



by The Shrinking Man February 18, 2011 Podcast

I am sorry to have to do this, but I am overloaded at the moment and I’m going to have to re-structure the podcast to get me out of the crunch. Not going on hiatus, just changing the schedule a bit. Meanwhile, will the person who took my time machine please return it? Or at […]


A slight delay

by The Shrinking Man February 7, 2011 Podcast

I hate to do this folks, but I’m afraid the next episode is going to be late. This week has put the screws to me and I just wasn’t fully prepared. I’ve got the audio recorded, but editing is taking too much time and I need to get some sleep. I hope to have it […]


Now listed in iTunes!

by The Shrinking Man December 16, 2010 Podcast

I’ve tweeted this a few times already, but hadn’t mentioned it here on the blog yet. I got my confirmation letter from Apple that my podcast is being listed in the iTunes store. If you are an iTunes user, please use the page in the iTunes store to subscribe! That will drive up my standing […]

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Save the Date!

by The Shrinking Man December 10, 2010 Podcast

The Shrinking Man Project will launch on December 19th. Even if it kills me. I have a ton of audio editing to do next week, to meet my start date, and then I’ve got to add the check-in onto the end of the podcast before sending it up. What have I got myself in for? […]


Coming soon!

by The Shrinking Man November 30, 2010 Status

The Shrinking Man Project is a weekly podcast journaling my weight loss journey and the lessons that I have learned. I am putting this out in the hope that it will inspire people to look for answers to their own weight loss questions, and give new viewpoints for those struggling with their weight loss program. […]