I have not podfaded!

by The Shrinking Man on January 13, 2012 · 0 comments

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An extremely rare blog post here today. Just wanted to let folks know that the next episode is in the works. I actually recorded Episode 39 between Christmas and New Year’s day, but there has been a hold up in the editing step. My lovely wife, Kee, does my audio editing, but she has been unable to do much with this episode due to extreme demands on her time. Back on December 28th, I had surgery to fix a circulation issue, so my wife’s time has been split between taking care of me, keeping the household running, and dealing with computer problems. Normally, I would take over the editing myself, but the afore-mentioned surgery has limited my ability to do that.

I am recovering well, and I am back to work, but my energies have still been limited lately. What energies I’ve had to spend, I’ve tried to spend on writing. We shall see if one or the other of us will be able to get that audio edited and posted before Episode 40 goes into the queue as well.

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