January 2011

Episode 7 – SnOMG!

by The Shrinking Man January 31, 2011 Check In

Welcome back. Just doing a simple check in this week as I dig out from under the snow. Hope everyone has managed to stay warm and healthy. Sorry about posting this so late in the day. After i did my weigh in my noisy neighbors got noisy and I was’t able to tape the rest […]

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Episode 6b – A musical interlude

by The Shrinking Man January 27, 2011 Check In

Hello, folks. I am sorry about the delay in getting this episode out. The weekend was busy, and the days following just didn’t let up. I hope I won’t have to do this too often. Then again, if you like having the Philosophy and the check in segments separate, let me know. If enough people […]

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Episode 6a – No silver bullet

by The Shrinking Man January 23, 2011 Philosophy

We’re back to Philosophy this week. And I’m back to another busy weekend. In order to keep you from waiting too terribly long for the next episode, I’ve split this week’s installment in two. This half will include the philosophy section, and I’ll release this week’s check in later this week. after I’ve had a […]


Episode 5 – And Rest…

by The Shrinking Man January 16, 2011 Check In

Checking in again for this week. I’ve hit a new milestone in my weight loss, but I’m also feeling the fatigue of working out week after week. Fortunately, I have a plan. This week’s promo is for Season 4 of The Secret World Chronicles. Also in the news, The Shrinking Man Project is now available […]


Episode 4 – Why are we here?

by The Shrinking Man January 9, 2011 Check In

Hello, again. We’re back to Philosophy this week. We’re taking a look at what motivates someone to lose weight, and how to keep that motivation going. The Promo is from Rich Sigfreid’s podcast Requiem of the Outcast. Don’t listen to the promo while drinking! This is hilarious stuff! Enjoy the show. See you next week! […]


Episode 3 – Happy New Year!

by The Shrinking Man January 2, 2011 Check In

Welcome back! I hope you had a good New Year’s Celebration and are well recovered from the aftermath now. This episode will also be on the shorter side. Just a weekly check in and a review of the past week. I should have another piece of philosophy ready to go next week. But this week […]