Episode 7 – SnOMG!

by The Shrinking Man on January 31, 2011 · 1 comment

in Check In

Welcome back. Just doing a simple check in this week as I dig out from under the snow. Hope everyone has managed to stay warm and healthy. Sorry about posting this so late in the day. After i did my weigh in my noisy neighbors got noisy and I was’t able to tape the rest of the show until very late in the day.

The Promo is for Paul Elard Cooley’s Fiends, Volume 1, coming soon from Shadow Publications.

Enjoy the show. See you next week!

Show notes included below.

Show Notes:

  • Welcome!
  • Off to the scales…
  • Promo – Fiends, Volume 1
  • Weigh in
  • Week in review
    • Recording chaos
    • All exercises done!
    • My food has suffered this week, but in the wrong direction.
    • Being home so much this week has helped to get me caught up on a number of things.
    • Team Wench’s Multiple Sclerosis Fantasy Ball 2011 – Goblins & Gears.
    • Lessons learned. Find your opportunities.
    • Moving forward. Trying to keep up with my projects for a while.
  • Feedback!
  • Sign off
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    • Voice mail at (240) 745-5022
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    • If you have a podcast, send me your promos!
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    • Tell your friends about the podcast.
    • Have a good week!
  • End credits

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