The Shrinking Man Project

Episode 41 – On the long, slow slide

by The Shrinking Man March 4, 2012 Check In

In the weeks past, I’ve had some luck with maintenance, but lately, it has become clear that I’m not yet where I need to be to be able to maintain my weight without much effort. In recent weeks, it has become obvious that I’m on the long, slow slide to gaining it back. This episode […]


Episode 40 – Setting Goals

by The Shrinking Man February 6, 2012 Check In

It is the beginning of a new year, and this is the time that most people start looking at setting their goals for the new year. So, I thought it was time that I take a look at the goals that people set and the different ways that they prevent themselves from meeting them. Time […]


Episode 39 – Happy Anniversary!

by The Shrinking Man January 19, 2012 Check In

Back after a long hiatus, and posting just a bit late for the content, but it is time to celebrate the first anniversary of The Shrinking Man Project! This also marks the end of the second year of my weight loss. I’ve come a long way in the past two years, and I’m glad to […]

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Special Episode 2 – Building an Exercise Program with Sandra Wickham

by The Shrinking Man November 19, 2011 Philosophy

Hello, folks. This is the first Special Episode for your enjoyment while I am off working on my NaNoWriMo project. For this episode, I got together via the magic of Skype and talked with personal trainer Sandra Wickham about how to develop a training routine, how to find a trainer, and what kind of information […]


Episode 38 – Goodbye, Steve.

by The Shrinking Man October 15, 2011 Check In

Welcome back, folks. I will try to keep the delays between episodes small until I am ready to go back to weekly episodes again. Unfortunately, this is a busy time of year. This week is a check in, and a bit of a personal message. This week’s feature is The Dreamer’s Thread. Enjoy the show. […]


Episode 37 – Moisturize Me! – Part 2, the Science!

by The Shrinking Man October 1, 2011 Check In

I am sorry for taking so long with getting this episode out, but life has many was of interfering with our plans. But I finally got back to working on the podcast. I hope you find the episode worth the wait. This week’s feature is the 99-Penny Dreadfuls from the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences! Enjoy […]


Episode 36 – He’s Back!

by The Shrinking Man September 1, 2011 Check In

I had to skip last week’s podcast because I had so much on my plate, but now I’m back with two weeks worth of fun for you. While it has been a busy two weeks, it has been a good fortnight! This week’s feature is FETIDUS! Enjoy the show. See you next week! Show notes […]


Episode 35 – Ouch!

by The Shrinking Man August 20, 2011 Check In

This past week has not exactly been the best for my plan. Not by a long shot. Still trying to get things back onto plan. This week’s feature is The Maryland Renaissance Festival! Enjoy the show. See you next week! Show notes included below.


Episode 34 – Brick Fair

by The Shrinking Man August 11, 2011 Check In

Last week was a bear, and it has taken most of this week to recover from it. So this episode may be a little on the rough side. We’ll see how it goes. This week’s promo is Disasterpiece Theatre. Enjoy the show. See you next week! Show notes included below.


Episode 33 – Forty-Five

by The Shrinking Man August 2, 2011 Check In

Finally getting this episode out in good order this week. Because I’ve got a very busy week ahead of me. I’m going to the Brick Fair Lego Convention at the end of this week and there is a lot to do. This week’s promo is The Dark Wife, by Sarah Diemer. Enjoy the show. See you […]