Eating Right

Episode 33 – Forty-Five

by The Shrinking Man August 2, 2011 Check In

Finally getting this episode out in good order this week. Because I’ve got a very busy week ahead of me. I’m going to the Brick Fair Lego Convention at the end of this week and there is a lot to do. This week’s promo is The Dark Wife, by Sarah Diemer. Enjoy the show. See you […]


Episode 32 – I love it when a Plan comes Together

by The Shrinking Man July 30, 2011 Check In

It seems like this summer, while fun, has made it difficult to get the podcasts out as quickly as I’d like. But, tardy as it may be, we’re back with a full week of exercise! And a few other things have been happening. This week’s promo is Paul E. Cooley’s Garaaga’s Children. Enjoy the show. […]


Episode 31 – Moisturize Me! – Part 1

by The Shrinking Man July 22, 2011 Check In

Trying to keep things on time and on schedule this week. Sure to be a challenge. Didn’t do as well as I’d hoped when I recorded this. But I am back this week, and Philosophy is back, too! I bet you can just guess the subject. This week our promo is for Hugh O’Donnell’s The Way […]


Episode 30 – Oh, my Aching Back!

by The Shrinking Man July 16, 2011 Check In

Unfortunately, things have not been going smoothly around Swimming Cat Studios of late. This means that We’ve had to push back the philosophy episode again. So this week is just a quick check in. This week’s promo is for Scott Sigler’s GFL stories. Enjoy the show. See you next week! Show notes included below.


Episode 29 – Stepping Up.

by The Shrinking Man July 8, 2011 Check In

Another check in this week, while I put the finishing touches on a new Philosophy segment for next week. And we’re also looking the run up to the Fourth of July holiday weekend here in America. Sometimes a celebration doesn’t mean a splurge. This week’s promo is The Spiral Tattoo, Michael J. Parry’s latest fantasy podiobook. […]


Episode 28 – Summertime

by The Shrinking Man June 30, 2011 Check In

My voice seems to be back, so I’ve got a big week of voice work ahead of me as I try to catch up. But first, time for me to do up another check in for you. This week’s promo is for the Last Guardians, a new fantasy story by Jim Perry, aka Indiana Jim. […]


Episode 27 – A time to Rest

by The Shrinking Man June 23, 2011 Check In

It looks like I am back to health again. Still a slight tickle in the back of my throat, but most of the time my voice is my own. I’ve had a restful rest week, and now it is time to get back into the swing of things! This week’s promo is for the Caught […]


Special Episode 1 – Exercise and Creativity

by The Shrinking Man June 21, 2011 Philosophy

This Special Episode is the Philosophy section for this week. Here we are re-visiting the theme of Exercise and Creativity with Val Griswold-Ford and Tee Morris. This recording is to help replace the one we lost from the live show at Balticon. This is a long one, but there is lots of good discussion in […]


Episode 26 – Six Months

by The Shrinking Man June 16, 2011 Check In

I am feeling much better this week, thanks to a small application on modern medicine. My voice is still a little off, but the rest is starting to get back on track. This week’s promo is for the I Should Be Writing Podcast. This is a great resource for writers, and wanna be writers out […]


Episode 25 – Sick

by The Shrinking Man June 10, 2011 Check In

Balticon was great! But the aftermath just wiped me out. I spent last week sick in bed, and it had some pretty predictable results. This week’s promo is for the Flash Pulp Podcast. And a choice of Armageddon. Enjoy the show. See you next week! Show notes included below.