Episode 45 – Uncut

by The Shrinking Man on September 4, 2012 · 2 comments

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Yee gods! It has been three months since I last did a podcast! That will never do. It has been a busy summer, but this has been a bit ridiculous. So, to try and get things back on track, I’m going to start doing some uncut, quick and dirty podcasts. like this one!



Show notes below.

Show Notes:

  • Welcome!
  • It’s been how long?
  • Uncut episodes
  • Labor Day
  • Stalled out
  • Joined a Gym
  • Perils of Prague First Draft done
  • Tales from the Archives audio edit hell
  • New writing projects on the horizon
  • The Agent route
  • Thanks for hanging in there
  • Have a good week! Keep losing that weight.
  • End credits

Mentioned on the show:

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