Special Episode 2 – Building an Exercise Program with Sandra Wickham

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Hello, folks. This is the first Special Episode for your enjoyment while I am off working on my NaNoWriMo project. For this episode, I got together via the magic of Skype and talked with personal trainer Sandra Wickham about how to develop a training routine, how to find a trainer, and what kind of information you need to get the most out of having a personal trainer and developing a workout.



Show notes included below.

  • Welcome
  • All about Sandra
    • Aerobics Teacher
    • Personal Trainer
    • Competitive Bodybuilder
    • Trains competitive bodybuilders and regular people
  • Do you need a trainer?
    • Having a trainer is a big boost to your progress.
    • You don’t need a babysitter, just someone to point you in the right direction.
  • How do you find a personal trainer?
    • Anyone can call themselves a personal trainer.
    • Do your homework on a potential trainer.
    • Warning signs of a bad trainer
      • Cannot provide references
      • No certifications
      • Hasn’t been training for long
      • Won’t talk to you until you’ve paid.
  • How do you prepare to work with a trainer?
    • Talk to the trainer about your lifestyle
    • Discuss your food program
    • Discuss injuries and limitations
    • Provide background info
    • Photos and measurements
    • Talk about activities you love, and ones you won’t do.
  • How do you get rid of a bad personal trainer?
    • Don’t make a big commitment up front.
    • Pay for a few sessions to build a relationship
    • Your dance partner for fitness
    • Could be a good, experienced trainer, but not right to work with you.
    • Don’t be afraid to move on.
    • But give them a fair chance before you give up on the program or the trainer.
  • It should be work, but it should be work you enjoy.
  • What do you do if you can’t get a good personal trainer and you have to go it alone?
    • Include some kind of cardio training and some kind of strength training.
      • Get your heart rate up and keep it up.
      • Don’t forget about games and activities.
      • Free weights
      • Resistance bands
      • Martial Arts
      • Swimming
      • Tai Chi
      • Some activities are good for both cardio and strength, but may only work out some muscle groups
      • Have a variety of activities.
    • Plan your week, and plan your longer term exercise.
    • Don’t do too much to start
    • Pace yourself
    • At least one day of rest a week
    • Take a rest week after four to six weeks
    • A plateau may be a sign you need to take a break.
    • Do exercises you enjoy and can stick with.
    • Do exercises that are convenient.
    • Don’t be dependent on a single exercise.
    • If you have an exercise that doesn’t work for you, try to figure out why it doesn’t work.
    • Work your way up. Don’t push to do exercise beyond your fitness level.
    • If you dread doing your exercise, something is wrong.
  • How do you keep guilt at bay?
    • There are no rules as long as you’re making progress
    • Have patience.
    • Don’t get wrapped up in a single measure of progress.
    • Results don’t happen quickly. It takes time and effort.
    • Expect your measures will change over time.
    • Don’t compare yourself to competitors!
      • Those ripped folks in fitness magazines don’t look like that all the time! They look like that for a handful of days when they are competing.
  • Final thoughts
    • Give your body time to rest
    • Be patient, you won’t see results overnight.
    • Don’t feel guilty, just get back to the program.
  • One last question: How long should you do something before expecting to see results?
    • About a month or so. It varies from person to person.
    • Don’t expect results like The Biggest Loser.
    • The results you get may not be the results you expected, but still show progress
  • Contact Sandra at
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  • Sign off
  • End credits

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